INTERVIEW–Scientist says has developed metrics to determine if animal was stunned before halal slaughter

 Syed Ameen Kader, White Paper Media
Photo: Scientists Dr Kiran and Dr Naveena in their lab at the National Research Centre on Meat in Hyderabad, India. Photo supplied by Dr Naveena

The debate over whether animals should be stunned or not before they are slaughtered continues in the halal industry. While some methods of stunning are accepted as halal in many countries, some argue against the practice, saying the chances of animal deaths due to high-voltage stunning make the practice non-compliant with halal guidelines, which specify that the animal should be alive before being slaughtered.

Dr. B.M. Naveena, a Hyderabad-based senior scientist at India’s National Research Centre on Meat (NRCM), has claimed to have developed scientific metrics – the research is at a preliminary stage, he is quick to point out – that determine whether the meat comes from a stunned or non-stunned animal.

In an exclusive interview with Salaam Gateway, Dr. Naveena explained the idea behind the research and how the findings can complement the current halal certification process. The following excerpt from the interview has been edited for accuracy.

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