Italy: Italy launched Deenary Halal platform

On the First of January 2020, Italy launched an online marketplace for halal products, called, as the first-ever online marketplace for European Muslims. Deenary offers both, Muslim consumers and retailers in the region, halal oriented services and products. ANSA, the fifth-biggest press agency in the world, already called ‘the Amazon of Muslims’, and the main Italian financial newspaper, il Sole 24 Ore, entitled ‘The challenge to Amazon with the Halal product marketplace starts from Bologna’.

The new platform has a vision to bring global halal products trade at one single online marketplace where sales and purchases of all halal products are done with one single click.

Deenary offers a stock hub based in Bologna city for the UE and extra-UE companies that aims to reach all the European area. Many companies form Italy, Switzerland, USA, France, UK and Canada are already involved on deenary platform with over 1000 products available for the halal consumers and wholesalers.

The online store, which is modelled on the business structure deployed by Amazon, is entirely targeted at European halal consumers and promoted by Meem Communication, a Milan-based halal market consultancy.

“We aim to be the main partner for halal industry in Europe, as we are already building a strong network between the stakeolders in the region. Deenary will be the online vehicle to address an ever-growing Muslim population in the continent, which now counts over 30 million citizens” says Yassine Baradai,’s CEO and Meem Communication’s founder.

The available products are divided into three main categories: modest fashion, halal cosmetics and halal food. Delivery is guaranteed within three days in the whole of Europe – with the exception of European Deprived Areas – and paypal, prepaid and credit cards payments are accepted.

Vendors can register on the platform free of charge to start selling their products that must have a halal certification for cosmetics and food goods. A small fee is later deducted on the order when placed. On deenary, buyers can also ask to view wholesale prices and purchase products directly from the wholesaler at competitive rates. is now available in Italian, English and French, but other languages will follow shortly, with a phone app expected to launch in the next few months.

“We aim to combine Islamic lawfulness and quality”, says Baradai, and adds that selling products manufactured in Europe and connect new halal markets (with a particular emphasis on North America and APAC regions) are among the company’s main objectives.