Japan: HDC Continues Working Relationship between Malaysia and Japan Advancing Halal Trade Initiatives


Osaka, Japan, 23 February 2024 – The Halal Development Corporation Berhad (HDC), under the leadership of its Chairman, Khairul Azwan Harun joined forces with the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister the Rt. honourable Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on an official visit to Osaka, Japan. As part of this significant engagement, the HDC hosted a pivotal roundtable session titled “Connecting the Halal Ecosystem between Japan and Malaysia” aimed at bolstering trade, investment, and fostering quality employment opportunities.

The roundtable session was attended by 20 representatives from distinguished Japanese companies.

Osaka, renowned as Japan’s second-largest industrial zone, emerged as the strategic focal point for this collaborative effort due to its immense potential for the growth and development of the Halal industry. With Malaysia positioned as a global leader in Halal ecosystem, the delegation’s visit to Osaka underscores a concerted effort to harness the synergies between the two nations, advancing the halal trade and increasing the halal quality employment especially in preparation of the World Expo Osaka 2025.

“The choice of Osaka as the cornerstone of our mission reflects our unwavering commitment to unlocking the vast potential of the Halal industry,” remarked Khairul Azwan Harun, Chairman of HDC. “Our roundtable session serves as a platform to forge meaningful connections, driving innovation, and propelling Halal trade to unprecedented heights.”

The outcome of this visit not only reinforces Malaysia’s dedication to Halal diplomacy but also underscores its pivotal role in shaping the global Halal landscape. By showcasing tangible progress and collaborative initiatives, this endeavour reaffirms Malaysia’s position as a frontrunner in the Halal industry.

With Malaysia and Japan already enjoying robust halal trade ties, the presence of Dato’ Ahmad Rozian Abd. Ghani, representing the Foreign Ministry as Deputy Secretary General (Bilateral Affairs), emphasises the seriousness and existing involvement of our ministries in advancing these initiatives. This participation further solidifies our commitment to nurturing and strengthening bilateral relations between our nations.

“We are thrilled to witness the fruits of our anticipation taking shape as we embark on this journey of collaboration and growth,” said Azwan.

At the roundtable session, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid also witnessed two (2) signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The first MoU was between HDC and AEON Co. (M) Berhad, aiming to promote Malaysian Halal products in Japan. AEON (M) will provide guidance to Malaysian businesses entering Japan, promote HDC’s Halal Integrated Platform (HIP), and organize pitching sessions for Halal products. HDC will collaborate on providing Halal training programs for Japanese businesses, facilitating their entry into the Halal market.

The second MoU was between HDC and Japan Halal Association (JHA), aiming to enhance Halal infrastructure and certification in Japan. This collaboration focuses on human capital development and expertise exchange to streamline the Halal certification process for restaurants in Japan. Both HDC and JHA share a commitment to promoting Halal integrity globally and empowering local businesses. The partnership signifies a significant step towards advancing the Halal industry and supporting Muslim communities in Japan and beyond.

“Through concerted efforts and strategic partnerships, we are poised to elevate Malaysia’s stature as a beacon of excellence in the Halal ecosystem.” Azwan concluded.