Japan Plaza is launched as a special marketplace for halal products

Press Release


On August 20, 2020, which coincided with 1 Muharram 1442H, the grand launching of www.japlaza.com took place. Japlaza or Japan Plaza is a special marketplace for halal products, both new and used products in three languages (Indonesian, Japanese and English) created by MyTRie Co., Ltd. for all people in Japan.

For people who want to sell their products, they can use japlaza.com as a place to display their products. The japlaza platform is made with a system that is easy to use for both sellers and buyers, neither of them is charged a registration fee or monthly fee like other marketplaces in general in Japan. But they only charged 3% from any product sold.

The main purpose of launching this japlaza is to accommodate the many halal product shops or merchants in Japan who are still confused about their selling locations.

Another goal is to meet the needs of Muslim communities living in Japan in obtaining halal products in an easy, safe, and complete way.

MyTRie Co., Ltd.’s view that when all the shops / traders are united in one place, people who need halal products will easily get them. It should be noted that this company was founded by three Indonesian women, Maymunah, Titi Suhardini and Rieska Oktavia. This company also has a vision and mission in developing themselves, developing communities and serving the needs of Muslims in Japan in particular and also the general public (Japan) who like Indonesian products.