Jawhara: A Hotel With An Islamic Image

ABU DHABI, Dec 27 (Bernama) — When you step into the Al Jawhara Hotel

Apartments in Dubai, you get to taste the Islamic concept of

hospitality, as this is what the hotel offers its clients.

Al Jawhara Group of Hotels and Apartments senior sales manager Munir

Ahmed said the hotel, in extending its hospitality, presents to its

clients, both Muslims and non-Muslims, with an image of Islam.

“When they come to our hotel they get a taste of the Islamic concept,

how the people of Islam entertain their guests, welcome them and take

care of them,” he told Bernama on the sidelines of the World Halal Expo

and Forum held here recently.

Munir said the hotel’s concept is to provide a pure halal atmosphere,

pointing out that it is the first in Dubai to do so.

He explained that halal is not only about food as at the same time other

concepts should also be in accordance with Islam.

“We don’t allow alcohol, and right from the cleaning of the hotel up to

the accounting, we follow everything according to Islamic and halal

concept,” he added.

Munir said when one talks about Islam and hospitality, “this does not

mean only halal, it means everything in its pure and natural form,

hygienic and up to the standard.

“This is the concept we have in the market, which has received good

response not only from the Gulf countries but also from Malaysia and


The hotel’s clientele come from Germany, Europe and Australia as well,

hence dismissing the perception that Islamic concept hotels are likely

to only attract Muslim guests.

“We wish to boost the number of clients from Malaysia. We are already

working with Petronas where its staff who travel to Sudan stay over at

our hotel in Dubai,” Munir added.

Asked of any plans to set up a hotel in Malaysia with a similar concept,

he said: “It all depends. I am sure there may be some hotels in Malaysia

which are following this concept.

“We are targeting countries where we can be like a pioneer.”

Munir said within just two years, the group, which pioneered halal

hospitality in Dubai, has succeeded in achieving “a marvelous and

wonderful result in the market.

“The market is flourishing and we plan to expand the concept.”