Malaysia: A United Front to Advance Government’s Aims for Globalising Halal Malaysia

ARK Collaborates with Islam Channel TV UK: A United Front to Advance Government’s Aims for Globalising Halal Malaysia

London – October 28, 2023 – Islam Channel TV a front-runner in Islamic-oriented media based in UK, and ARK Advantage Sdn Bhd (ARK), a significant player in the Malaysian Halal business arena, proudly announce the commencement of a strategic alliance. The partnership was formalised through an exchange of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), at the prestigious World Halal Business Conference Circuit (WHBC) 2023, London. The event was graced with the presence of Hairol Ariffein Sahari, the Chief Executive Officer of the Halal Development Corporation (HDC), Malaysia, who was a witness to this significant exchange.

Established with the goal of advancing Malaysia’s Halal Agenda and promoting Muslim-friendly tourism specifically to the global Muslim population, this MoU outlines an all-encompassing framework for collaboration. Emphasizing content co-creation, subsidized advertising for Malaysian Halal and Muslim-friendly products and services, and widespread promotion across multiple platforms, the MoU signifies a notable step towards promoting internalisation of Halal Malaysia.

Commenting on the partnership, Imran Musa, Chief Executive Officer from ARK shared, “Our collaboration with Islam Channel TV UK marks an exciting new chapter for ARK. As we join forces, we aim to advocate for and elevate the Malaysia Halal Agenda on the global stage, an innitiative which has always been championed by HDC. We truly believe in the potential and value that this sector holds, not only for Malaysia but for the world. This partnership gives us the opportunity to showcase the best that our Halal certified products and Muslim-friendly tourism have to offer. Together, we stride towards a future where the Halal industry receives the global recognition and appreciation it deserves.”

This partnership ultimately strives to widen the outreach of Malaysian Halal certified products and services by leveraging both virtual and physical platforms of Islam Channel TV. Under the MoU, Islam Channel and ARK envision a fusion of strategic planning and commitment, ensuring the realization of these cooperative spheres.

Mohamed Ali Harrath Founding CEO of Islam Channel stated, “With our strength in reaching a large  global Muslim audience, Islam Channel takes pride in this strategic alliance with ARK. Key areas of our collaboration, such as content co-creation and strategic partnerships, are dedicated to supporting Malaysia’s Halal and Islamic tourism industries. Our concerted efforts with ARK are deeply rooted in a common passion for elevating and endorsing the Halal industry at large. This collaboration stands as a testament to the commitment we share in promoting and championing the Halal industry globally to new heights of recognition and growth.”

Hairol Ariffein Sahari CEO of HDC expressed his support succinctly for such collaborative efforts, noting, “We, at HDC, are firmly committed to fostering collaborations between companies and organisations on international levels as crucial drivers of growth for the Malaysian Halal industry. Joint initiatives like this not only create conduits for industry expansion but also serve to spotlight Malaysia’s vibrant Halal ecosystem on the global stage. We are confident that this partnership will play an imperative role in propelling the industry forward, and we are keen to offer any support necessary to facilitate its success.”