Malaysia: AYS won prestigious Industry Excellence Award 2010

AYS, who owns Sri Kulai, 1st microwavable halal frozen ready to eat Malaysian meals, is a proud winner of Industry Excellence Awards 2010 – Special Award for Product Excellence (Innovative Product)

Chief Executive Officer of AYS Sdn Bhd, Liow Ren Jan said that he was exhilarated when he went to the stage to receive the Industry Excellence Awards – Special Award for Product Excellence (innovative Product) for the Sri Kulai brand. Organized by the Ministry Of International Trade & Industry, the Industry Excellence Awards is the highest recognition given to companies by Malaysian government for their exceptional achievements in organisational excellence, quality improvements and export excellence.

Presenting the awards in a Gala Dinner at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center was Guest-of-Honour, the prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najid Tun Razak.

“The award is a true recognition for AYS, and Sri Kulai in particular,”

he said. ”We have worked hard, and being a leader in the microwavable halal food industry is something that we have dreamt for.”

Liow said that with the strings of awards received by the Sri Kulai brand, the company is now moving aggressively to promote its Sri Kulai RTE Station, which will go on the licensing concept.

“The business is simple and requires only a very low capital investment for anyone to venture into the ready to eat meals business, where every transaction is cash,” he said. “There are no hassles of having to prepare the food or ensure that the quality is consistent.”

Sri Kulai is the country’s first microwaveable, Halal, frozen ready-to-eat Malaysian meal. In four minutes only, the wholesome meals can be served hot from the microwave oven. “The beauty of it is that the food can be served at any time of the day, with no cooking!” he said.

This is especially suitable for food service providers, hospital and tourist resort operators whose core business should be in promoting their core services, instead of spending their resources on the kitchen. To date, he said, Sri Kulai Lifestyle Concept has been applied very successfully in UK Farm in Kluang, Johor, which attracts mainly tourists from Singapore.

To these operators, the “Sri Kulai Food Service Pack” will also help them to plan their food supply. “There will never be excess food that will expire or go stale during the low season,” he said. “Wastages can be cut down substantially.”
Although packed in microwaveable containers, the food especially Sri Kulai’s Western Meals range can always be served on dinner plates.

The brand, Sri Kulai, Liow added, will continue to be hyped up. This year, Liow himself is one of the finalists in the MRCA 8TV Entrepreneurs Award, an award competition organized by Malaysian Retailer Chain Association whose members comprised by big names such as AirAsia, Cold Storage, 7-11, Secret Recipes and Starbuck. Liow Ren Jan was also a recipient of the “Outstanding Chinese Business Leader” at a ceremony held at National People’s Congress Centre, Beijing on June 6 by HongQi Pictorial (????), a leading Chinese current affairs magazine, published a list of 60 finalists from China, Macau, Hong Kong and overseas Chinese for various categories of awards for online voting.

According to Liow, Sri Kulai was awarded the Best Halal Product 2009 by The Halal Journal during their Halal Journal Awards Gala Dinner at the 4th World Halal Forum held in KLCC. AYS is the first company in Asia to bag this most prestigious award in the international Halal Industry.
Sri Kulai again received the Gold Award for Product Innovation awarded by the Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (MIFT).

For those interested in the Sri Kulai RTE Station (total investment between (RM50k to 90k), briefing will be carried out at Jaya One Sri Kulai RTE Station, Cold Storage Building, Section 13, Jalan University, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia every Wednesday 10am to 12 noon, 2-4pm, and Saturday 10am to 12 noon. Call Sri Kulai staff at +603-7955 8840 for reservation.

Visit AYS’s website at and Sri Kulai facebook for more information. Enquiry please forward to

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AYS Sdn Bhd is a market-entry specialist on Asia and an awards winning halal food and services provider. Today it is a growing force in the global halal industry, where it covers a wide range of business aspects that encompasses manufacturing of food and market entry consultancy. “Sri Kulai” is Malaysia’s first ever halal frozen ready to eat meal range.