Malaysia: Halal Industry Development Corporation to Develop New Digital Platform to Accelerate Halal Certification

Halal Industry Development Corporation to Develop New Digital Platform to Accelerate Halal Certification 

In a move to expedite the halal certification process, the Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) is set to develop a new digital platform. This initiative comes in response to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s suggestion to reduce the approval period for halal certification from three months to just 30 days.

A Streamlined Certification Process

The HDC believes that the digital platform will streamline the halal certification process and enhance efficiency. This will be a significant change from the current scenario where the approval period can stretch up to three months, causing delays for businesses in the halal industry and hindering their growth potential.

The new platform aims to address this issue directly. By leveraging technology, HDC hopes to reduce bureaucratic processes to ensure timely approval of halal certifications. The implementation of this platform is expected to benefit businesses operating in the halal industry and also cater to consumers who rely on halal products.

Technological Intervention for Efficiency

By integrating technology into the certification process, the HDC is not only looking to ensure a faster and more efficient process but is also looking at reducing bureaucratic hurdles. This will ensure that the approval process does not get caught up in red tape, allowing businesses to plan their operations better.

Expectations and Future Prospects

The HDC is confident that they can achieve the proposed 30-day approval period and is committed to making the halal certification process more efficient and accessible for all parties involved. The timely approval will allow businesses to swiftly adapt to market demands and cater to their customers more effectively.

Businesses in the halal industry and consumers who rely on halal products are expected to benefit significantly from this move. It will not only ensure faster certification but also promote transparency and accountability in the entire process.