Malaysia: Halal search engine set up

The MOU signing ceremony at World Halal Forum 2012 between Jakim and DagangHalal : Hakimah Mohd Yusoff (Jakim), Executive chairman Muhadzir Mohd Isa (DH) , Hajjah Jumaatun Azmi (WHF), Darhim Hashim (IHI Alliance).

A system that can verify imported halal products, has been set up by DagangAsia Net who has invested RM3.5 million to set up a Halal Verified Engine (HVE) at the portal. The company is collaborating with the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to gather data and will have a system trial run by June.

HVE will operate like a search engine, in that consumers or traders can search online for information on more than 3000 products that are registered with Jakim. “Consumers are now more aware and generally more concerned about the halal products that are available in the market,” said DagangAsia executive chairman Muhadzir Mohd Isa after the signing ceremony with Jakim at the World Halal Forum 2012.

The HVE system will also include a product rating application, in which users can share information on halal products and services. Cape Town based Cape Malay Consultants have been bringing South African halal-certified products on board to introduce them to the global halal market via DagangHalal’s online portal. According to the company, it would continue to work toward increasing exports of South African products. Voice of the Cape