Malaysia: MoU Exchange HDC & Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Limited

Kuala Lumpur, 30th March 2016 – With the strong support from the Yunnan provincial government of hdcChina, the Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) and MCH Halal International Holdings Limited of Hong Kong and Greenland Group will cooperate through a MoU to establish the first ever Halal International Trade Centre in Kunming City of Yunnan Province, China.

The establishment of an international trade centre in Yunnan will fully conform to the Halal management standards of Malaysia, constituting the catchment point for the exportation of Halal merchandises from Malaysia to China. It is also acts as the first stop to gaining entry into the markets of mainland China and will be an ideal platform for the exhibition of superior Halal brands from Malaysia.

The centre will receive full support from China’s provincial government of Yunnan in all pertinent aspects of incoming businesses and corporations, and the benefits of preferential taxation policies as well as convenient customs and quarantine inspection services. This will allow seamless business procedures for all parties in the Halal international trade.

The initial stage of the project saw the construction of an international Halal complex boasting a total built-up area of well over 20,000 square meters, where trade exchanges and exhibitions are being regularly held on a monthly basis, on top of various summits and forums synergizing with the Belt and Road Initiative of China, putting in place a vibrant hub of commercial exchanges for Malaysia and a long list of other international enterprises who aim to tap the enormous Halal markets of China.

As for the project’s second phase of development, the office levels are managed and operated in strict compliance with international Halal standards, catering all-round preferential facilities and services to corporations that have set foot in the commerce and trade arena of China. This has in effect brought into creation the much sought-after entry channel that is high in quality and low in cost for the enterprises of Malaysia big and small to mark their sustainable presence in mainland China radiating out to reach for the neighbouring countries and regions.

The cooperation will give emphasize on the development of the international Halal business in utilizing the respective strength of all the three (3) parties.

The three (3) parties namely Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Ltd of the Greenland Group shall provide fully owned properties whereas HDC shall provide international Halal consultation service. Whereas Mega Capital Group shall provide active management and other assistance for the co-operation’s operation, with the goal of establishing the first international trading platform for Halal products in PRC, and facilitating the connection to the international Halal trading market.