Online shopping: Aspirational Luxury for Modern Muslims

The significant global growth of the Muslim population has led to a surge in demand for trendy, modern, halal products. Noor and Zafir, a European based company, has responded to this and launched its very own Modern Muslim Lifestyle Marketplace. advocates for the Muslims of today to be themselves. will go to great extents to help them assert their identity through lifestyle products. Customers are treated to the latest Modest Fashion, Beauty & Health, Home & Decoration, Kids, Jewellery & Gifts plus many other products from around the world made readily available with just a click. curates the most beautiful, new and existing Modern Muslim Lifestyle brands. Each brand is chosen for its original, effortless style, quality, and strong shared values. The products are ethical, healthy, modest and halal where applicable. Each purchase made on is an opportunity to support both people and their businesses, enabling them to grow. connects and inspires Muslims from around the world. This was the main objective for CEO & Founder of, Marta Maryam Rozsa.

Marta explained, “As a Muslim revert, it was time consuming to go to shops and to find products according to Islamic values. It took forever browsing different websites searching for items suitable for a contemporary Muslim Lifestyle.

“On the other hand I realized that Muslim brands were having difficulty to  promote their brands.  So then, like a lightning bolt going through me,  I thought ‘why not bring both needs together and create a marketplace for the brands and the consumers.’”

This experience was the inspiration for the creation of effortlessly connects Muslim Lifestyle products from brands globally to consumers.

The brands and sellers can register their business on the platform and start selling their products to Muslim customers visiting the website.

Marta continued with, “Our vision is to embrace a value-driven Muslim Lifestyle with diversity where modernity meets tradition . We are here to help these amazing brands become great global brands by supporting them on every step of their development and growth.”

On the other hand, is also here for the consumers to be confidently Muslim, self-aware, independent without compromising any of their values, by making this easily achievable with a one stop online shop.”

She adds,” We believe it’s time for a strong global halal eco-system, is here to empower, connect, engage and give back to the Muslim Community.” plans on reaching hundreds of thousands of customers globally. The ultimate goal is to be in 125 countries in a short period of time giving customers urban, trendy, modern Muslim Lifestyle access and be part of a global community.

For Further enquiries, contact Marta Maryam Rozsa on +34 660 71 97 69,