Opinion: Pakistan has huge potential to enhance exports of halal products


By Rana Awais Khan – CEO Global Halal Services

Pakistan has huge potential to enhance exports of halal products. This was stressed at the recent event held in Islamabad Multi-Sectoral Stakeholders Policy Dialogue on “Export Oriented Halal Trade & Industry. Emphasis was put on the government cooperating with the private sector to capitalize on this untapped potential to boost exports and strengthen the economy. Currently Pakistan’s share in it is negligible. The government was encouraged to formulate conducive policies for the halal industry to take exports of this sector up to USD 5-6 billion in a few years. This was said in an address to a multi-sectoral stakeholders policy dialogue on “Inspiring Change by Export Oriented Halal Trade & Industry” organized by Global Halal Services (Pvt.) Limited.

Rana Awais Khan, CEO Global Halal Services, said that the strict compliance of halal standards, quality certifications and government’s support can help to make significant increase in the export of halal products. He said that the Halal meat is one of the fastest-growing markets globally, contributing 16 percent to world trade and Pakistan being a Muslim country should take full advantage of it. He stressed that China, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and Central Asian States should be targeted instead of relying on only Arab countries for halal meat exports. He urged that the government should mobilise all institutions working for promotion of halal food exports to realize the full export potential of this industry. He emphasized that the government should designate special Halal meat zones and provide them a 10 years tax holiday to attract new investment in this sector.

Guest of Honors said that Pakistan has the potential to play a significant role in the global halal meat industry and become a market leader since it has all the required ingredients. He said that there is a massive economic potential for Pakistan to capitalize on its status as a Muslim country and build greater credibility to market its halal products around the globe. He said that besides beef, Pakistan should also tap avenues in seafood, ostrich, mutton and poultry farming to enhance its export turnover. It will not only diversify our economic outreach but also add to the country’s overall food security.

Ambassador Republic of of Indonesia, Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawri President ICCI, Akhter Bughio Director General Pakistan halal Aurhority, Faad Waheed Senior Vice President ICCI and other speakers also highlighted the export potential of halal industry and stressed that the government should cooperate with the private sector to boost exports of this sector.

Presently, Pakistan takes up only 0.26 percent of the global Halal food trade, even though no Muslim country was among the top five. Together with the private sector, Pakistan could capture a share of the $3.2 trillion halal industry. Therefore, Pakistan’s business sector must take timely, comprehensive and practical steps to enhance its production of commercial goods so as to compete globally. Additionally, Pakistan’s share could also be increased by formulating policies, implementing Halal certification and providing Halal storage facilities to local traders. Moreover, the latest technology, innovation, and research and development can also play a role to enhance the Halal Product export.

This policy dialogue was planned as an endeavor to bring together leading Global Halal Regulatory Bodies, Federal Ministers and Secretaries, trade associations, policy makers and advisors, Consul Generals, INGO’s, Halal certified brands, Political Leadership, Academicians, Scientists, researchers, certification bodies, and business stakeholders to exchange and share their experiences to compete in the global halal market.

The conclusion and the recommendations drawn from thought provoking talks, concrete suggestions and experiences will be shared by the learned delegates and participants, will be documented and disseminated to policy makers, legislators, academia, industry and relevant national & international organizations for execution and implementation.

The Event was Graced by
H.E. Adam Mulawarman Tugio, Ambassador Republic of Indonesia
Mr. Abdullah Hamid Gul, Patron-National Alliance for Safe Food
H.E. Mr. Ihsan OVUT. Secretary General OIC/SMIIC
Mr. Akhtar A. Bughio, Director General, Pakistan Halal Authority
Mr. Ahsan Zafer Bakhtawri, President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industries
Syed Waqas Anjum Jafri, Secretary General, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan
Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, Chairman Pakistan Agricultural Research Center
Mr. Hamed K. Latif, CEO TTI Labs/Fahm Ul Halal
Mr. Faad Waheed, PVMA/Senior Vice President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry