Opinion: Uber Eats predicts the big UAE food trends of 2019

Veganism is set to go mainstream according to its research

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Photo: Hein van Tonder


Using data collected from its food delivery app, Uber Eats has predicted that a number of vegan food stuffs are set to go mainstream in 2019, as an increasing number of people search for plant-based products.

The firm analysed more than 191 million searches on the app across the Middle East and Africa over the last six months to put together its list.

Edible flowers, such as borage blossoms, lavender, and hibiscus, topped the brand’s food trend list, with seiten, the protein rich, meat substitute, coming in a close second.

Manaeesh, a bread from the Eastern Mediterranean, also made the list, alongside heme, an ingredient which allows plant-based food to

Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish influenced by Japanese and Asian cuisine.

‘bleed’ making it look more like real meat.

Poke bowls, which were a big hit in 2018, are set to continue their rise to prominence in 2019 according to Uber Eats.

Uber Eats head of user research Jeanette Mellinger said: “As our search data shows, food preferences are constantly evolving and the latest is a rise in socially-conscious diners.  In line with this, we expect to see veganism become increasingly mainstream, rising from just a few percent in each country to a lifestyle choice for millions of individuals.”

However, the data also showed that a number of foods are set to fall out of favour, with jackfruit, matcha, aloe vera, and cold brews all on the way out in 2019.