Organic is Halal – The first muslim shirt company to go green?

“Conventional cotton is one of the most
chemically-dependent crops, sucking up 10% of all agricultural
chemicals and 25% of insecticides on 3% of our arable land; that’s more
than any other crop per unit. That adds up to 1/3 of a pound of
chemicals to produce enough cotton for a t-shirt, and 3/4 of a pound
for a pair of jeans. And that’s just not bad for the planet; 20,000
deaths occur each year from pesticide poisoning in developing
countries, many of these from cotton farming, according to the World
Health Organization (WHO).” –

the HijabMan fans will know, I’ve had a Sweatshop Free and Organic
shirt for a while now, with the promise that I would gradually go green.

Well, it’s time to start. At ICNA
this year in Hartford, CT, I will be experimenting with organic cotton
shirts for some of my most popular shirts with the intention of having
all, if not most of my shirts made from organic cotton in the future.

are a bit more expensive to print, but well worth it in the long run.
For me, “halal” isn’t just about meat. Or marshmallows. It is being
conscious of what we consume. Asking questions about how, where, and
from what materials the things we purchase are made is very important
for me as a Believer and a global citizen.

Oh, and organic cotton is super comfy too.

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