PregVit® and PregVit® folic 5 prenatal multivitamins are still certified Halal!

Public Service Announcement by Duchesnay

In recent weeks, a change in the packaging of PregVit®and PregVit® folic 5 multivitamins has

Duchesnay Launches New Formulation of its Pregvit® and Pregvit® Folic 5 Prenatal Vitamins, both products are also certified halal and kosher/kosher for Passover. (CNW Group/Duchesnay inc.)
Duchesnay Pregvit® and Pregvit® Folic 5 Prenatal Vitamins, both products are certified halal and kosher. (CNW Group/Duchesnay inc.)

led several pharmacists and users of these products to ask if the products are still certified Halal. Both products are still certified Halal by ISNA Canada Halal Certification Agency.

The dose of vitamin D in PregVit® and PregVit® folic 5, products, which are certified Halal, recently increased from 250 to 600 IU (international units), in accordance with Health Canada’s most recent recommendations. PregVit® and PregVit® folic 5 are the only prescription prenatal multivitamins available in Canada.

In conjunction with the packaging change, Health Canada required that Duchesnay, the manufacturer, remove the ISNA logo for halal certification, as well as the COR logo for kosher certification, from the packaging. Health Canada wishes to limit the certifications mentioned on packaging to certifications that it controls.

Please note, however, that the halal and kosher certification agency logos continue to appear inside the “Preparing your Pregnancy booklet” included in the product boxes and that the certifications are still mentioned in Duchesnay’s communications.

ISNA Canada Halal Certification Agency would like to reassure the members of our communities that these prenatal multivitamins are still certified Halal and that they do not contain lactose, gluten or tartrazine.

Taking prenatal multivitamins daily is important before and during pregnancy, as well as while breastfeeding, for the health of both mother and baby. That is why we hope to prevent any worry and any risk of disruption due to the packaging change.

Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Ron Vaillancourt, Duchesnay Communication Manager, at or 1 877 833-7734.