Saaf Pure Skincare Launches in Malaysia

Saaf Pure Skincare has long made a name for itself in the UK and has
been making waves all over Europe. It has now landed in Malaysia
(thanks to The Apothecary and Company), and KLue’s proud to be one of
the first to spread the word around. For those who don’t already know,
Saaf Pure Skincare is a range of world’s first halal and organic
skincare products.

The product was launched yesterday at Hotel Istana by YAB Tun Jeanne
Abdullah together with founder of Saaf, Dr Mah Hussain Gambles and
Director of TAAC, Maryam Jemi. There was also a demo on the use of the
products by Dr Mah Hussain Gambles. She also related to the audience
about her Saaf story, how being a Muslim woman consuming halal goods
which led on to her husband, Malcom Amir’s insight on the hala
certification on Saaf. Halal doesn’t only limit to what is consumed as
food but also what is put on our skin because up to 60% of it is
absorbed into our body. That is why she took this advantage to include
ingredients like healing botanicals, anti-inflammatory Black Seed Oil,
soothing Safflower, Shea Butter, Ylang Ylang and many more to feed our

Saaf products now available in Malaysia. It includes organic
hydrating face and lip balm, organic pure face cleanser, pure shower
gel, organic enriching hair oil and etc. Price ranges from RM80 to
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