The Muslim Green: American Muslim Market Study 2014-15

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$2 trillion Global Context:  The American Muslim markets unique opportunity is part of a fast growing global Islamic/Muslim lifestyle economy representing $2 trillion in consumption (2013[1])

$98 billion American Muslim Market:  DinarStandard conservatively estimates the American Muslim population in 2013 to be  5.7 million, with 1.7 million households.  The estimation uses the ASARB 2010 Religious Congregations and Membership Study as a baseline.   DinarStandard estimates that the aggregate American Muslim disposable income in 2013 was $98 billion.

Study Purpose:  The 2014-15 Study builds on DinarStandard’s 2011 Report on the American Muslim consumer market. The purpose of this study is to equip retailers, startups, small businesses and mid to large-sized business marketers to:

  1. Evaluate the demand profile of American Muslim market, its dynamics and current activity
  2. Capture American Muslim consumer needs and wants focused on food, finance, education and retail segments through original and well represented survey based-insights
  3. Evaluate key global Islamic/Muslim market opportunity areas
  4. Leverage case-studies and best practices based communication and engagement strategies.

American Muslim Market - Halal Lifestyle

[1] DinarStandard 2013 estimate based on global Muslim consumer expenditure on food, clothing, travel, media/recreation, pharmaceutical/cosmetics core sectors.  These Muslim lifestyle sectors include global ‘Halal’ food, family-friendly travel, modest clothing, Halal pharmaceutical/ cosmetics, media, education and recreation sectors.  These are core sectors and their ecosystem that are structurally affected by Islamic values driven consumer lifestyle and business practices.

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