UK: ANSA re-iterates commitment to Prophetic Dhabihah, welcomes IHCA

ANSA (Association of Non Stun Abattoirs) would like to welcome the formation of the Independent Halal Certification Authority (IHCA). ANSA understands that IHCA is a professional body of Muslim Scholars with a national network of qualified and experienced Imams and Muftis  with a specialism in Islamic Jurisprudence. ANSA feels that competition amongst certification bodies is a healthy development and so ANSA members are looking forward to working with IHCA.

ANSA announced today,  after the NEC board meeting held at the Hilton Hotel, Derby UK, its plans to move forward and work with all independent certifying bodies who are motivated by the necessity to only endorse “The Prophetic Method of slaughter as  GENUINE Halal, thereby eliminating the risk factor and doubt from the halal meat and poultry industry.

This move came about after increasing demand from consumers, Independent butchers and retailers for the true Prophetic Method of slaughter.

ANSA is renowned as the Voice for the non-stun Halal industry. As such ANSA is being urged to diversify its efforts in providing assurance to consumers and suppliers in the Halal Meat and Poultry Industry, and build much needed consumer confidence for Genuine Halal. ANSA is working to develop trust between the consumer and the halal producers and bring about unity to Halal certification in the UK.

Shaykh Muhammad bin khalifa founder of HMC said;“This is great news for discerning Muslims in the UK who can continue to find genuine Halal products under the well established brand of ANSA. It is also a refreshing change for organisations to come together for the benefit of all Muslims”.

Mohammed Saleem, Policy Director and the Spokesperson for ANSA has urged all like minded certifying bodies to come forward and join the cause of protecting the interests of the muslim consumer and safe guarding The prophetic (Sunnah) method of slaughter.

We at ANSA believe it is our fundamental right to Protect and Save the Prophetic SUNNAH method of slaughter from being diluted and destroyed by the use of Non-Sunnah Methods like Stunning and the objectionable method of Mechanical slaughter techniques and will not tolerate any different terminologies given to the Halal method just to confuse and mislead the consumers. If anything the stunning of animals before or after slaughter should be referred to as electrocution. Animals already get shot in the head and gassing is on its way as well.