UK: Birmingham Trading Standards attempt to Clean up Halal raid

Halal poultry, meat suppliers and warehouses have been raided by Birmingham Trading Standards for allegedly selling non Halal meat as Halal in Birmingham.

On Tuesday 14 August the Birmingham Trading Standards, Environmental Health and West Midlands Police swooped on alleged rogue traders after the vigorous “You are what you are what you EAT,” ANSA campaign on Islamic TV Channels.

The Association of Non stun Abattoirs campaign prompted the local authorities to clean up the Halal industry in pursuing cutting plants and slaughter houses who are labelling products Halal or claiming to be slaughtering Halal and are not.

The companies targeted in the raid by Birmingham Trading Standards had their computer and documents seized for further investigation on this allegation.

Ahmed Kazi spokesperson for Birmingham Jame Masjid said, “This is not fair under the guidelines that all food has to be labeled correctly so that we can all make an informed choice. I am sure that other citizens of Birmingham, who practice other faiths, cannot be sure that what they are eating does not go against their beliefs, more importantly we must all be supplied correctly labeled food.”

Unscrupulous Muslim and non-Muslim meat traders are undermining the Halal guidelines for greed to profit at the expense of unsuspecting Muslims Consumers. This is one of the root causes why the Halal industry is in the state where non-Muslims fear that they are being force-fed Halal meat without their knowledge.

ANSA offers its support to all agencies working to improve the Halal meat industry and at the same time urges the Muslims to exercise their right and ask for Halal certified products, and ask to see the proof. If you are not satisfied a product is not correctly certified Halal then contact the local trading standards office.