UK: Britain ‘can’t afford to overlook’ Halal trade

ritual-and-animal-welfareA SIGNIFICANT rise in the Muslim population revealed in the 2011 census has prompted new research into the Halal meat market.

Eblex has commissioned the research, which will follow on from a comprehensive publication it put out in 2010 –  ‘The Halal Meat Market: Specialist supply chain structures and consumer purchase and consumption profiles in England’.

The 2011 Census highlighted a 1.2m growth in the Muslim population in the decade since 2001, making it the second largest religious group in England and Wales, representing 2.7m people or 4.8 per cent of the population.

Eblex maintains the work will provide further insight into the purchase drivers of Muslim consumers, important because of the effect the community growth is likely to have on Halal lamb and beef demand.

Chris Leeman, trade sector manager for Eblex, said: “The Halal meat market is a multi-million pound contributor to the British economy. It’s an area that abattoirs, butchers, processors and retailers can’t afford to overlook.”

Farmer’s Guardian