UK: Celebrating Unity and Diversity at New Scotland Yard: BITA Organises Memorable Eid Event

Jeff A. Boothe, Chief Superintendent Metropolitan Police with Zara Mohammed, Secretary General, Muslim Council of Britain

The British Islamic Trade Association BITA is excited to announce the successful organisation of a remarkable Eid event in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police at the iconic New Scotland Yard. This memorable occasion served as a testament to the power of unity and diversity within our community.

The event was held in partnership with outreach experts Algebra Consulting who are the organisers behind the largest Halal and Muslim community events in the UK.  They include The Muslim Lifestyle and Fashion Show, the largest World Halal Food Festival in the world and Eid Festival London held in Westfield Square and Atrium.

The Eid event aimed to foster community engagement, celebrate diversity, and promote a more inclusive society. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in fruitful discussions and engaging presentations that addressed challenges faced by minority communities. Emphasis was put on the importance of cultural understanding for better community policing.

Chief Superintendent Jeff A Boothe Metropolitan Police shared insights on the race action plan. While Zara Mohammed, Secretary General at the Muslim Council of Britain, reflected on the significance of coming together to mark Eid and voiced her expressed hopes for greater diversity and inclusion within the force. The former Lord Mayor of Westminster, Hamza Taouzzale, also highlighted the importance of embracing diversity and inclusion.

The directors of BITA, Rizvan Khalid and Waleed Jahangir, extend a special thanks to Chief Superintendent Jeff A Boothe, Grace Bernard-Broadreck MSc Outreach Team Lead at Metropolitan Police, Secretary General Zara Mohammed from the Muslim Council of Britain, Former Lord Mayor of Westminster Hamza Taouzzale, and all guests in attendance.

“Together, we are driving positive change and fostering a future where diversity and inclusion are cherished.”

Let us continue our journey of celebrating unity, embracing diversity, and working towards a more harmonious and inclusive society. Together, we can make a difference!

About BITA:

The British Islamic Trade Association (BITA) is committed to promoting the interests of the British Muslim community and fostering positive relationships with the wider society. BITA actively engages in initiatives to enhance understanding, promote inclusivity, and create economic opportunities. Through providing platforms for Muslim businesses to connect, collaborate, and thrive, BITA aims to establish the community as a significant contributor to the UK economy. With BITA Global as its trade arm, the organisation organises trade delegations prioritising diversity and inclusivity, recognizing their importance in successful business practices.