UK Farming Minister Kennedy launches animal slaughter consultation

Livestock News 

FARMING Minister Jane Kennedy has launched a consultation on proposed new rules on the welfare of animals at slaughter.

The rules follow an EU proposal and will see
measures introduced for all animals including poultry to ensure animals
are slaughtered by a method that leads to instant death or death after

She also confirmed exemptions would be available for
slaughter in accordance with religious rites, such as for Halal and
Kosher meat.

She said: “Sending animals to slaughter is an
understandably emotive issue. It’s important there are good regulations
in place to protect animals and defend their welfare throughout their

“These proposals will ensure
that any animal being killed on farm, in a slaughterhouse, or for
disease purposes across Europe will be spared any avoidable pain or
distress at the time of slaughter and that British farmers, who are
already applying high standards of welfare, are competing on a level
playing field.”

The regulations will also require slaughterhouses
to appoint an individual animal welfare officer as well as apply for
certificates of competence for all slaughterers, to be renewed every
five years.

The consultation is open until April 20, for more information visit