UK: Halal Certification Europe (HCE)

Halal Certification Europe (HCE) is a pioneer in providing Halal certification for the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries.

HCE was established in 1992 with the aim of formalising the investigation and certification of Halal products.

Almost three decades later HCE is at the forefront of the Halal sector, empowering organisations to connect to an international Halal consumer base of over 50 million Halal consumers in Europe and over 1.8 billion worldwide.

HCE clients benefit from access to global markets as HCE is recognised and approved by several Halal authorities including, but not limited to: JAKIM (Malaysia); GAC (Gulf Region); ESMA (Dubai); MUI (Indonesia); MUIS (Singapore); SASO/ SFDA (Saudi Arabia), MOPH (Qatar).

Today, HCE has grown to become a leading Halal certifier with an international client base and a reputation for consistently providing market leading customer service with a focus on solution-driven, swift, informative, and value-added services.

If you would like to know more about how you can have your products Halal certified, and if they will need to be Halal certified for export and nationally please contact:

Halal Certification Europe


Phone : +44 (0) 116 273 8228