UK: Halal certified vitamin range for UK Muslims

London Based Nature’s Well Labs Launches First “HMC Halal Certified” Vitamin Range for UK Muslims


London, United Kingdom – The team at Nature’s Well Laboratories performed an exhaustive review of the state of the nutritional supplement market in the UK as it relates to Halal Certifications. The results were indeed eye opening, as it turned out that people in the Muslim community have been completely overlooked, and they wanted to change that. It turns out that “suitable for vegetarians” does not at all mean suitable for Muslims, as they often contained Alcohol/Ethanol. Also, major vitamin brands usually contain pork gelatine, and other non-halal animal based ingredients. This vast market was not getting the attention it deserves. The Muslim consumer market with 1.8 billion people is undeniably the next important (and largely untapped) global opportunity. The Halal market alone is worth a staggering £1.4 trillion a year, and is increasing at £333 billion a year.

The only solution was to have Natures Well’s research team develop their own formulas that would meet the strictest HMC Halal protocols. Only the purest raw ingredients are used and only after thorough testing to prove purity. All products manufactured in the UK, which has some of the most stringent nutritional supplement requirements in the world. Just because an ingredient is listed on the label does not mean there is a sufficient amount to elicit a therapeutic benefit. Natures Well formulates their products using the correct ingredient dosages to ensure the intended effect.

Their initial launch of 12 products gives them the largest Halal Certified range globally. They have formulated a number of specifically tailored products for the Muslim community. This includes high dosages of Vitamin D supplement for people who don’t get enough sun exposure. They have also launched an Omega 3 EPA/DHA supplement derived from Algae Oil, not only perfect for Muslims, but also 100% Vegan and Vegetarian, as it has no fish oils.

Consumers, Muslims and non-Muslims looking for scientifically formulated vitamins that are free of alcohol, pork and animal derived ingredients now have a brand they can trust.