UK: Heler’s Halal accreditation for cheese opens exports door

CHESHIRE based cheese-maker Joseph Heler has opened a door to a wider export market by gaining Halal accreditation.

Apart from making their cheese available to the British Muslim community, the company says it can now look at markets in Asia and worldwide.

The European Halal Development Agency(EHDA) accreditation covers most areas of the firm’s cheese production, including; block, grated, sliced and pre-packed, as well as whey, cream and lactose concentrates.

Helers stopped using animal rennet several years ago in favour of a vegetable derived coagulant which the firm says was a major factor in gaining the Halal accreditation.

Operations director Mark Beavon said: “We have been striving to gain this accreditation for some time in an attempt to make our products available to as wide an audience as possible.”