UK: HFA disappointed and shocked by recent allegations by Britain First

Press Release

Halal Food Authority (HFA) is very disappointed and terribly shocked to note the remarks and allegations made in the video that is filmed by Britain First at Romford Halal Meats of Beredens Farm, Folkes Lane, Upminster RM14 1TH.HFA logo

We confirm that Romford Halal Meats complies with the EC Regulation EC1099/2009 and is HFA certificated ovine slaughterhouse that use reversible head-only stunning for halal slaughter.

Jayda Fransen, the Britain First candidate, entered Romford Halal Meats premises with her team and made distressing, religiously aggravated and hate provoking comments against faith based method of slaughter and accusing halal slaughtering to be barbaric, disgusting and immoral. We strongly condemn those remarks and feel that Jayda Fransen had committed an attempt of creating religious hatred among communities to support her political campaign.

Jayda Fransen has also accused halal slaughtering and halal certification of collecting Zakat Tax alleging to be used for funding terrorism, such actions we opine will be treated as Islamophobic animosity and malicious damage to the concept, integrity and ideology of halal.

HFA logo has been pointed out as a Zakat Collector and accused of funding terrorism in the video. This is a very serious allegation by Britain First for our organisation’s reputation and brand integrity. Furthermore, it is an overall attack and derogatory remark against all Muslim communities and their beliefs.

HFA is considering appropriate strong actions against such organisation and individuals concerned and wish to send out a clear message that such baseless allegations, irresponsible accusations and politically driven agendas shall never be tolerated and rights of Muslims, their beliefs and religious freedom shall always be prioritised and protected at national and international level with any derogatory remarks about Halal slaughter being taken extremely seriously. HFA are presently consulting experts and shall also produce an “Impact Statement” in due course.

HFA is a leading and renowned Halal certification body nationally and internationally that implement and also vouch for animal welfare, food hygiene, food safety and environmental health rules and protocols at all of our certificated food premises. HFA permits the use of reversible stunning of animals and birds (not to kill) for halal purposes and substantiates the fact that a large proportion of halal meat certified in the UK is derived from stunned animals.

Halal economy is growing fast with over a 10% annual growth rate globally and complies with national and international food regulations of welfare, safety and hygiene.

HFA is a part of a registered charity known as Halal Food Foundation that supports education, awareness and promotes the concept of halal and healthy eating. It only utilizes its funds to meet the aforementioned objectives. We strongly condemn terrorism and we are fully convinced that it does not represent association with any religion or community.

Our activities and operations are fully impartial and transparent and we serve Muslims all over the world by facilitating the industry in producing authentic and traceable halal food.

Saqib Mohammed, CEO, Halal Food Authority


Independent 6 May 2016 –

I went undercover at the Britain First conference and trust me, we have nothing to fear