UK: Traditional Halal launches a new Stun-Free certification mark and logo

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In response to stakeholder requests for greater transparency, information, and labelling, the largest and pioneer certification body of the UK, Halal Food Authority (HFA) has taken the move to create a dedicated certification scheme and mark for their stun-free certified meat and poultry, namely Traditional Halal.

This line of certification will carry a label with the terms ‘Stun-free’ and ‘Traditional Halal’, in line with recommendations following consultations with the UK’s key industry players, consumer groups and retailers.

Whilst the HFA standards have always accepted meat from animals slaughtered without stunning, alongside its established recoverable stunning criteria, consumer and industry feedback highlighted that two separate schemes and logos for each scheme is the right step forward for market transparency and assurance.

The HFA’s CEO Saqib Mohammed points to the not-for-profit company’s years of experience in the food industry – working with big brands and companies of all sizes internationally, alongside guidance from their Sharia committee members and qualified veterinary scientists, as being important sources of insight and reassurance. He says that:

“Consumers can rest assured in the fact that they will feel peace of mind, body, and soul. We have worked hard to design a service that we believe strongly adds value to the wider Halal industry and all consumers, regardless of their faith.

Whilst we accept that standards should always be re-evaluated and more can always be done, there’s also a lot of mis-information and vacuum in this space, and that we believe we can address.

In fact, a better way to look at this initiative is that we are now able to offer an additional choice of approval and symbol of authenticity in stun free segment of meat supply chain – to ensure that people reflect on the importance of ethical and moral values and that animals do not suffer from the over industrialisation and therefore dehumanisation of the food chain.”

The Traditional Halal certification scheme has been introduced in Manchester in October, and is being officially launched in London today with enormous support of some of our pioneer members. This scheme is available to slaughterhouses, cutting plants, exporters, distributors, retailers and food outlets.

Traditional Halal and HFA works towards:HFA logo

  • Better and more transparency in labelling
  • Better animal welfare through offering support and guidance to abattoirs
  • Enhanced compliance of rules and procedures in traditional halal abattoirs, as well as cultivating a    spirit of    continual improvement in the sector
  • All abattoirs and portioning facilities under this scheme being subject to constant onsite HFA supervision
  • Halal audits by qualified and experienced auditors, possessing the appropriate skills and competence