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USA: Finding Halal Food in New York – Where to go?

| 02/05/2014 | Reply

1b Halal GuysNew York City has it all. Dazzling and bright, the city is a hub for fashion, finance, media, culture as well as art and is a must-visit location on every traveller’s list. There’s something on offer in New York for any type of traveller – Muslim travellers included.

With over 300 Halal food stalls and restaurants in New York to choose from, the problem that most Muslim travellers face is not finding access to Halal food, but rather, having to limit their options to a few spots from the hundreds on offer. The question arises – what are the best places for Halal food in the city? Why choose a particular restaurant or food stall over another?

To help narrow down the hunt for the best restaurant and to assist travel planning, some of the finest Halal restaurants and food stalls in New York have been listed below.

In New York, food stalls and food carts are most popular choice for Halal food. Carts serving Halal food are scattered throughout the city and offer a scrumptious range of the city’s finest and most delicious Halal street food. Cuisine range from Indian to Pakistani to Afghan to West African to Persian food.

Arguably, the most famous spot for Halal food in New York is at a food stall called The Halal Guys. Around the area, it is also known as Chicken and Rice, 53rd and 6th or Platters. The stand is located by the side of the 53rd Street and 6th Avenue in the Theater District of New York City and offers a tantalizing assortment of cheap, but delicious, Halal food. The Chicken & Rice dish is a hot favourite!

Sammy’s Halal Food is another food stall known for serving mouthwatering Halal fare. Located at 73rd and Broadway in Jackson Heights, Queens, the food served at the stall is a celebration of the perfect blend of various sauces and flavours. The food is inexpensive and is ideal for a quick lunch or dinner.

Visitors may also try the King of Falafel and Shawarma, located in Astoria, Queens. The popular food stall serves a sizzling variety of Halal fare, with platters of chicken, shawarmas, kebabs, falafel and wraps being amongst the favourites of many. The stall has also won several awards in the past and offers good value for money to travellers who are mindful of their budgets.

In addition to the food stalls, several Halal restaurants are located across the city. Junoon, Bukhara Grill and Chola are three of the best restaurants in New York famed for serving authentic Halal Indian cuisine, while Almayass is a fantastic restaurant for traditional Lebanese fare. In addition to the fantastic food, these venues are particularly famous for their elegant and enchanting atmospheres, which are ideal for private dinners or family gatherings.

New York also offers numerous vegetarian restaurants. Dirt Candy, Angelica Kitchen, Quintessence, Blossom, Candle Cafe, Gobo and Candle 79 are a few exquisite restaurants in New York serving delightful vegan food. Interestingly, a number of Halal Chinese restaurants that cater specifically to Muslim travelers are also spread across the city.

Though all the above-mentioned restaurants have claimed to serve Halal food, it is always possible to have a quick chat with the staff about the preparation of food, when in doubt. An abundance of pizza outlets and fast food chains are also available throughout the city.

Finding Halal food in New York will not be a problem, if you know where to go. There will never be a shortage of options.

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