USA: Halal Comes to Campus Via Food Service Express

Jan 28th, Columbus, Ohio – Food Service Express (FSE), the parent company of, has been presenting webinars and speaking at Muslim Students Association (MSA) conferences on successfully approaching campus administrators to bring halal to campus dining services. This January 28-30, 2011, Food Service Express will be addressing the subject at the MSA Conference at Ohio State University. Entitled “Digging Deep: Cultivating the Seeds of Leadership”, the goal of this conference is to effect positive change by increasing awareness of civil manners, improving the spiritual self, and fostering productive activism.
Food Service Express will be presenting three different topics related to Halal and Campus Dining Services on Saturday, Jan 29th, 11:15- 12:00 & 3:15-4:00, and Sunday, Jan 30th 10:30-11:15.
Food Service Express President, Mr. Tymchuck, will conduct workshops and speak on “Productive Activism: Increasing the Availability of Halal Foods on Campus” . The sessions will address how students can sharpen their leadership skills and gain an understanding of the thought processes used by leaders to reach desired goals. Building consensus among Muslim students, assembling an enthusiastic team, gathering pertinent data to build your case for halal, approaching the campus Dining Services, fostering continuous leadership and even publicizing accomplishments in the local media will be other topics addressed by Mr. Tymchuck. A ‘Leadership’ packet with these materials, including step-by-step activities, will be distributed to all workshop attendees.  On November 6, 2010, Food Service Express and presented a similar workshop at the Chicago wide MSA conference.
Food Service Express has surveyed over 100 college foodservice directors to uncover the challenges they have in providing halal meals in campus cafeterias. Mr. Tymchuck personally met with dozens of them to discuss ways to increase halal availability. “Nearly half of the colleges surveyed had 100 or more Muslim students; however, only 6% had halal meal plans. On the positive side, they really want to meet the dietary needs of all their students, and generally welcome their input.” Food Service Express has also surveyed 800 plus students from over 80 colleges in order to offer halal favorites and best-sellers at <> , which offers shelf-stable foods & snacks such as beef jerky, granola bars, ready-to-eat meals, high protein instant beverages and much more. All delivered, with only a single click.
The cost of the 3 day conference is $35 for pre-registration (until Jan. 26), $40 at the door, and $25 per day (Friday, Jan. 28 is free). This event can be found on Facebook at