WEF Davos: Collective Vision on Sustainable Food & Agriculture Systems in Africa

OneAgrix was honoured to have been invited to attend and participate at the WEF AGRA Dialogue Session held at the SDG tent on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2023 being held 16-20 January in Davos, Switzerland.

Matthew Hoffer, OneAgrix’s Managing Director, Europe and Middle East, represented OneAgrix at the important dialogue and was inspired to listen to the stakeholders discussing a collective vision that aligns with some of the goals that OneAgrix has:

* connecting disparate actors in the food chain,
* ensuring all emerging market food suppliers are empowered and incentivised,
* using food supply chains as a tool to reduce poverty and achieve the SDGs

Matthew Hoffer, Managing Director, OneAgrix, with Jennifer Baarn, acting Managing Director and Head of Partnerships from AGRF

OneAgrix is passionate about transforming the global food system for the Global South’s enhanced benefit and moving from “words to action” in making it a reality.

OneAgrix recognises the work that Jennifer Baarn, acting Managing Director and Head of Partnerships from AGRF, is doing and appreciated her invitation for OneAgrix to be included in this important dialogue session for Africa.

The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) is an organisation that seeks to transform African agriculture from a subsistence model to strong businesses that improve the livelihoods of the continent’s farming households.

Diana Sabrain, CEO, OneAgrix, spoke at the AGRF Summit in Kagali, Rwanda in March 2022 alongside AGRA, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO, Tony Blair Institute of Global Change, and AATF Africa, on Harnessing AgTech for resilient food systems. OneAgrix is now pressing ahead with the concensus echoed at Davos yesterday on moving from “words to action”.

OneAgrix also launched in 2022 the Nigeria Feeds the World Initiative spearheaded by its adviser, Dr. Noel Akpatethat will be the gateway for African Agrifood manufacturers and commercial commodities to access the global market.

It highlights Nigeria’s public-private partnership with OneAgrix, a Global Digital Trade Ecosystem with comprehensive Industry 4.0 smart-tech solutions. This will enable Nigeria and other members of the AfCFTA, to gain better market access by using OneAgrix’s B2B trading platform both regionally and globally.

This initiative is designed not only for MNCs but with the main purpose of economically empowering the country’s smallholder farmers, and small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), bridging the digital divide, give visibility and market access. This will allow those in the agri-food sector to access markets within the continent and beyond, especially markets that cater to Halal consumers.

All this is made possible through the OneAgrix Digital Trade Ecosystem platform which is the country’s official technology and platform partner under this initiative.