Croatia: Milenij Hotels awarded with Halal certification

Milenij Hotels Group in Opatija is awarded with Halal certificate confirming the Croatiaimplementation of halal standards in the process of preparing, serving and storage of food, as well as preparing rooms for the Islamic guests.

A great contribution to the further development of halal tourism will give the start of daily flights between Dubai and Zagreb by one of the world’s largest airline, Emirates Airlines.

The certificate will contribute to the hotels and whole destination to be opened to new markets that have a lot of potential. Recipients of Halal certificate are Milenij hotel, Royal Hotel and Agava Hotel.

Halal quality represents the totality of characteristics of products or services that are in accordance with Islamic regulations and fulfill the attributes of quality, and are allowed to food consumers of Islamic religion. Halal, except in the religious, should be understood in the linguistic, cultural, traditional and health context, while the word itself means – allowed. Halal standard is based on preventive and proactive method and is compatible with international quality management standards (ISO, HACCP and others).