Food Commodity Speculation

stop-banker-betting-on-foodSpeculation in food commodities is one of the key contributors to hunger, malnutrition, poverty and death among the world’s poorest people. Since the sub-prime mortgage crisis, many of the institutions that engage in market speculation and price manipulation have turned their attention to food commodities, thereby creating artificial shortages and price fluctuations in order to earn profits.

This immoral, unethical and unjust. It is of course also in clear violation of the Shariah regulations that categorically prohibit speculation in food commodities. In essence, this is riba, and therefore prohibited in the strongest possible terms. The Muslim world seems oblivious to this fact. We think it is time to wake up and do something.

Here is a collection of articles and reports compiled by various agencies that investigate the extent and impact of food commodity speculation. We will add to this list as we find more. Please feel free to send us more on this topic.

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