Japan: Halal certified skin care Made in Japan

BLACK_PAINT (1)MYYUKI Company Limited  has gained Halal certification from the Malaysian government’s “JAKIM HALAL” via Japan Halal Association (Osaka, Japan) for their BLACK PAINT Skin Care’s manufacturing factory and products.

In order to strengthen sales, the firm has been preparing to obtain Halal certification as part of a strategy for entering the international market, including those Islamic areas such as South-East Asia, Middle East.

For gaining this certification, the product lines were prepared under the Islamic law, maintaining a sanitary manufacturing environment, carefully choosing safe and high quality ingredients, and strengthening the education system to employees, etc. The company’s first priority was to thoroughly maintain the product making process as the firm is known for high quality of the products by their customers.

They use approximately 100 kinds of agrochemical-free, organic farming and organic certified plant oils and essential oils from all over the world. Especially for their representative Black Paint, soap, which has won for 5-consecutive years the Grand Gold Medal, International High Quality Award at Monde Selection (HQ: Belgium) where they annually examine the quality level of products.

BLACK_PAINT (2)Including the Black Paint, soap, there are 7 categories (soap, liquid soap, cream, lotion, 2-layered lotion, essence, oil) that have gained HALAL certification, and which is 95% of their products.

From now on, they will go forward as a skin care brand with carefully chosen ingredients under this strict Halal standard of non-alcohol with no ingredients originating from pig.

MYYUKI Company Limited has 19-shops in 9 major department stores, such as Takashimaya group, Daimaru-Matsuzakaya group, Isetan-Mitsukoshi group and others, 3-street shops both with a beauty counselor. And also their products are sold at a variety of over 100 other shops.

They want to represent their skin care brand to the world as “Halal skin care”, “Made in Japan”, and “Made in Kyoto”.