Malaysia: Iran joins Malaysian int’l Halal Showcase

The 9th edition of the exhibition runs on April 4-7 in Kuala Lumpur where it is going to host 500 companies from 29 countries to present the latest achievements on halal foods.

The participant companies are mostly from China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Belgium, the Philippines, Singapore and Iran.

The largest halal trade exhibition in the world and the biggest food, Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) 2012, will bring together top halal players of the world.

The event will incorporate the notion of halal in all aspects right from cosmetics & health care, herbal products & pharmaceuticals to Islamic investment and banking.

The MIHAS 2011 will not just restrict itself to the ASEAN territory alone, but will enjoy global assistance through the participation of International Pavilions from several countries.

The MIHAS 2012 will have more than 500 leading exhibitors taking part in the event and will be held by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

The exhibition will display a spectrum of halal products & services from over 25 countries with more than 600 exhibition booths being made available.

It is a great opportunity for networking, meeting the leading pioneers of the halal industry and establishing contacts.