Oman: A’Saffa Foods hosts visit by Arab Investment and Development Agricultural Authority

The President of the Arab Investment and Development Authority Mr. Ali Al Sharan visited the chicken farms of A’Saffa Foods at Thumrait in Southern Oman. Mr. Ali Al Sharan toured the company’s world class state of the art chicken producing facility that covers a 50-acre site and comprises nine separate farms.

His visit came at the personal invitation of A’Saffa Foods Chairman Saleh Al-Shanfari and he toured every facet of the complex. This included the farm buildings where the chickens are bred on a carefully prepared diet of natural feed and water to the processing facility where the company produces their wide range of frozen and fresh chicken products for domestic and international markets.

Mr. Ali Al Sharan was also a guest of A’Saffa Foods at the Khareef Festival where the company is ensuring that festival goers are able to enjoy tasty chicken snacks at a restaurant outlet for only 100 baizas.

Commenting on his visit, the President said: “I have been tremendously impressed by the technology and advanced nature of the machinery and processes that A’Saffa uses at its farms that can match those of any modern poultry farming facility in the world.

“As an investor in the company, the Arab Investment and Development Agricultural Authority is keen to make periodic visits to A’Saffa to see the tremendous progress and growth the company has taken as it becomes not only the major poultry producer in Oman but a centre of excellence for chicken production in the wider region.”

Senior A’Saffa Foods officials accompanied the President on his tour of the facilities where he was able to look at the steps being made to increase production as demand for the company’s tasty, nutritious, protein packed and 100% Halal chicken products continues to grow in Oman and internationally.

A’Saffa Foods, Head Sales and Marketing Sidhartha Lenka added: “We were delighted to host this visit that gave us the opportunity to demonstrate to one of our shareholders and an influential agricultural organisation the quality of our production facilities and the professionalism of our staff and team who work at the farms in Thumrait.

“We are very proud of the state of the art facilities and investment we have made that is enhanced by the international quality of our processes, commitment of our staff and the continued investment in delivering new and innovative products to the market.”

A’Saffa Foods is Oman’s leading poultry producer with its great tasting and high quality range of frozen and fresh 100% Halal products comprising over 25% of the market. The company has also recently broadened its scope into non poultry products with the introduction of “Khayrat” brand and a range of tasty Halal beef burger products.

The company has recently announced plans to expand its operations into new areas of operations including the development of a new meat processing plant and the creation of a table egg business.

In 2010 the company marked its change of name from A’Saffa Poultry to A’Saffa Foods with the introduction of the Khayrat brand which has launched a new range of beef burgers and frozen vegetables.