Opinion: I am not a businessman….

For you that knew him or knew about him, this is the final poem that Abdalhamid Evans wrote before his passing. I feel it is appropriate for this time, and every time we face difficulties in our lives that are beyond our control. Inshallah leading us to the One who is the All Knowing, the All Merciful, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.


I am not a business man.

I am not in business.

I offer some of what I have of experience, time, skill, knowledge and vision

in exchange for a negotiable recompense.

I am not an employee – I am unemployable. I am a Collaborator.

I am the sum of all of my life experience, all of it…all of it. The contractions and expansions of time have moulded me,

Shaped me,

Given me form and meaning.

The past does not control me.

The future does not intimidate me. I am free.


I am a servant of Reality,

compelled towards my destiny,

guided by my inner vision,

my hearing, my sight, my senses, my intellect…my yearning

watered by the wisdom of others who have gone ahead.

I have no choice but freedom,

the freedom of no-choice,

for I can only step into the footsteps of my destiny. There is nowhere else to go.

There is a change of consciousness taking place. You can feel it in the air.

We are all in it, and of it. We are it.

You can choose to ignore it, but it is happening anyway. Or you can embrace it, and ride this wave,

follow the surging curve of the long now. Now, this continuous moment of presence,

curling through timespace,

endlessly transforming us all.

So make peace with your past. Take courage for the future. Be present in the moment.

Life continues to be in the present tense.

Written by Abdalhamid Evans May 2018 Left us 3 June 2018