Opinion: Silence is golden in this time of global crises.

Sliding into 2022, OneAgrix, had many wins and leapfrogged its growth exponentially. To fuel this next stage of growth, we:

1. Hired the best CTO in the industry, arguably in the world. He pioneered a certain tech in the 1990s!
2. Interviewed 30 talents from diversed backgrounds who believe in the OneAgrix’s vision.
3. Incorporated our next international office in one of Switzerland’s most innovative cantons.
4. Strengthened our strategic public private partnerships which include a Fortune 100 MNC, govt initatives building an impenetrable moat.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. African Proverb

Where numbers are concerned, we are into a clear path to profitability in the next financial year:

< USD$1.1 Billion in signed trade deals
< Double digit millions in net revenue
< In excess of USD$5 Billion deals negotiating at the moment

All these with:

^ No institutional investors
^ Saying more ‘No’ to partnerships and deals which don’t align with our collective vision
^ Not succumbing to 2 Acquisition offers

We focused on the fundamentals of running a company and kept iterating on our milestones for success.
With all these, yet we kept silent and didn’t announce any news. 

You can imagine the frustrations of our team and shareholders who want to celebrate these wins publicly. OneAgrix, has always been very public with our progress. So it wasn’t because we wanted to be modest.

I have a good reason – it was simply, ‘not the right time’.

There is a time and place for everything. At the 1st half of 2022, we needed to exercise restraint when the world was put on wit’s end with the onset of multiplex of crises. Foodsecurity is being threatened and OneAgrix is in the business of the movement of food. We must be empathetic.

In the midst of trying to champion causes according to one’s mission at this time of global distress, irresponsible speech is likely when intentions are ambitious. 

I learnt from my beloved late father that Prophet Muhammad SAW encouraged the kind of silence that leads to reflection. While it takes courage to speak up, it takes even greater courage and strength to be silent. This helped me remain calm and gain clarity in thought to lead my team in this next stage effectively.

We enter conversations where it matters and are meaningful.

OneAgrix has front row seats watching the state of the food crisis unfold. We received increased, frantic orders for diversed sources of food staples; sugar, wheat, sunflower oil i.e for a national cereal program.

I couldn’t stomach knowing that communities are going into deeper poverty. This OneAgrix’s resolve to keep pushing for fair distribution of food, to give more visibility to farmers, manufacturers and to build bridges to ease B2B food trade.

As always, we extend our hands to collaborate and if you have suggestions to tackle the food crisis, feel free to reach out.