UK: AzkaHalal Brings Ethical Standards To Halal Certification

AzkaHalal is set to take Halal Certification to the next level with introduction of ethical standards to certify any product or service as AzkaHalal.

AzkaHalal will be the first Halal Certification Body to consider the broader ethical standards under its certification system.

In Arabic Azka means the purest.
So AzkaHalal means the purest form of Halal

The AzkaHalal model has involved substantial research and recognition of existing best practices to become a broader Halal certification system which considers animal rights, environmental rights, consumer rights, purity, hygiene, wholesomeness, business ethics, fair wages and good working condition of the workers in the supply chain. AzkaHalal is poised to lead the way in truly representing the teachings of Islam by considering broader standards for Halal certification.

Dr Hani Al-Mazeedi, a globally recognised Halal and Shariah expert, Co-founder and Honorary Chairman of AzkaHalal stated “I feel that many important aspects of the Halal Economy are missing from current Halal standards and Certification. Products could be certified as Halal yet they lacked wider values of being 100% Halal.”

AzkaHalal seals have been designed to be informative to consumers so each of the 3 seals clearly mentions the main parameters considered while certifying the product as AzkaHalal.

Traditionally, Halal Certification Bodies have mainly focused on slaughter methods, food safety and ingredients in the products as that is where the demand has been from business and consumers. However, with millennials and their increasing interest in ethical conscious consumerism, the narrow interest in Halal Certification is set to change. The measurement and independent Certification of these wider practices will play an important part in ensuring that the Halal economy is moving in the right direction and each stakeholder has transparency in what is happening in business.

“AzkaHalal will be the first Halal Certification body to introduce impact and ethical standards in Halal Certification industry.”

“Muslims are supposed put systems and practises in place which will have a positive and lasting impact to everything in this world, for Islam teaches us to leave this world in a better condition than we found it. With this in mind AzkaHalal certification has been positioned to promote ethical business practices along with universally accepted Halal standards. AzkaHalal is poised to play an important role in filling the missing pieces to tackle current global challenges and issues such as, exploitation of animals, exploitation of consumers, modern slavery, health and environmental concerns.” – Mohammed Noor , co-founder and Executive Director of AzkaHalal

 The Halal and the Islamic Economic system is meant to provide an assurance and confidence for all stakeholders that the highest level of values have been used from the start to the end of the manufacturing process of any product or service. AzkaHalal will help businesses to provide this assurance and built confidence in their products and services through clear traceability and transparency of ingredients so consumers can make informed choices.

“Islam teaches us compassion and fairness at an institutional and individual level. We should be leading economically, socially and environmentally responsible practices and lives. We are accountable for our actions and decisions but currently we are falling way below the mark. We should not choose the low quality, easy or harmful options as they go against the core values of the Halal and Islamic Economy. AzkaHalal will shift the standards to continually improving what is seen as the status quo.” – Saeeda Ahmed co-founder and Director of AzkaHalal

AzkaHalal aims to be recognised and respected by consumers who care about Halal, ethics, purity and food safety.

“Halal Certification should be leading the way to top quality products and services along with taking care of animal rights, worker’s rights, consumer rights, environmental sustainability, human rights and social justice.” – Azlan Oppier Technical Director and Chief Operating Officer of AzkaHalal

AzkaHalal has started its operations in the UK and in a number of Asian countries. It is open for global partnerships and affiliations with various Islamic organisations and governments to make a positive difference in the world through Halal certification.

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