UK: It’s Not A Halal Meat Problem: New Video Of Animal Abuse

Pigs hang on the bleed rail (photo courtesy of Temple Grandin).
Pigs hang on the bleed rail (photo courtesy of Temple Grandin).

While three men can be seen slamming a live pig against a wall after shooting it by a bolt gun, a cow is shown hanging up by a leg, still mooing, even after having its throat cut.

The horrifying scenes were recorded via hidden cameras at the 112-year-old S Bagshaw and Sons butchers in Butterton, U.K.

“For the pig to be kicked in the head as it was is incredibly cruel and shows a level of behavior that is deeply, deeply shocking. It’s barbaric,” said an investigator from Hillside Animal Sanctuary, which recorded the video over a period of six months.

“With the sheep, the slaughter man is getting aggravated. The sheep stay together and it’s hard for him to shoot the last one. You can see him getting angry with it and starting to throw it around. But with the pig that almost seems to be for pleasure. It’s as if they’re enjoying what they’re inflicting on the animals.”

The video comes almost a week after animal rights activists called for a complete ban on religious slaughter after shocking footage showing the horrific treatment of animals at a halal abattoir in Yorkshire, U.K., emerged and went viral.

The latest exposé proves that inhumane practices at slaughterhouses are indeed widespread. However, implying it’s exclusive to halal or kosher abattoirs is just absurd and, if truth be told, xenophobic.