UK: ‘New’ Halal Food Hub in the West Midlands

Simply Halal Beef & Lamb products can now be purchased, direct from AS Audhali Farm Gate Poultry Ltd, at A.S Audhalis ‘New’ Halal Food Hub in the West Midlands.

halalFoodneonA.S Audhali who have a fantastic reputation for supplying Quality Halal Chicken to its customers & the Muslim community in the West Midlands, sees this a great opportunity to offer a full range of Halal meat products to its customers and Roger Carr of Simply Halal says it makes commercial sense to utilise A.S Audhali strong distribution network and customer base to delivery Simply Halals Beef & lamb products to its customers in the West Midlands.

Simply Halal & A.S Audhali are proud to announce that as from 1st February, A.S Audhali will be selling & distributing Simply Halals, Beef & Lamb products, with a full product range available including Halal Beef & Lamb cuts, Halal Beef Burgers & Sausages & Prime Halal Beef Steaks available both fresh & frozen for the Halal Food Service sector.

Samir Audhali sees this as a fantastic opportunity for A.S Audhali to increase their product range to include Beef & Lamb which can be added to the chicken products that A.S Audhali already delivers to Halal Wholesalers, Cutting Plants & Butchers in the West Midlands area.

Both A.S Audhali & Simply Halal are both committed to supplying genuine Non Stun Halal meat products offering the consumer the confidence that when they purchase they can be assured they are purchasing Pure Halal.

Both A.S Audhali & Simply Halals products are processed at their own dedicated 100% Halal Abattoirs and all products are processed at Halal Food Park which is 100% dedicated to Non Stun halal. All parts of production offer full traceability & both production sites are BRC Certified and meet the highest standards for Food Hygiene.