Opinion: How halal economy is unlocking the power of frontier technologies

Heba Hashem – Salaam Gateway

The Salaam Gateway link below is a very comprehensive article on the future of food traceability and the complexity of food supply chains, also including the Faith based sector. The Faith-based sector is a highly sensitive sector whereby consumers are bound by religious laws or personal moral and ethical preferences as to how and what they eat. It is often overlooked that it is indeed a food security issue in many countries.

The Salaam Gateway article covers these topics in an interview with Diana Sabrain CEO and co-Founder of Switzerland based OneAgrix; the world’s pioneering faith-based foods & FMCG digital trade ecosystem connecting foodservice buyers and retailers with suppliers of Halal, Kosher and Vegan inventories. OneAgrix leverages and integrates A.I., blockchain, serialisation, anti-counterfeiting, DNA analysis technologies to bridge the gap between food producers and suppliers, thereby enhancing connectivity, transparency, and traceability in the food industry. Ecosystem platforms like OneAgrix introduce a future of food where it is transparent, sustainable, and levels the playing field in food trade. This will then allow an increase in economic empowerment at many levels in society.

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